Protection of Personal Data



The basic information on the protection of personal data transferred to Anadolu Cultural Entrepreneurship Inc. ("www.muzedenal.com") is given below. www.muzedenal.com, Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK") m. In order to fulfill the obligation arising from 10, the following disclosures are brought to the attention of our customers and third parties who use our web-site and / or mobile applications. www.muzedenal.com reserves the right to update the Statement of Privacy about Personal Data at any time within the framework of amendments to the applicable legislation.

1) What is the legal endorsement of www.muzedenal.com to collect personal data?

There are a number of laws regulating the use of our customers' personal data. In the beginning, the principles of protecting personal data with KVKK have been determined. Furthermore, the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce No. 6563 also contains provisions on the protection of personal data. Criminal sanctions have been envisaged in some cases for the protection of personal data through the provisions of the Turkish Criminal Code numbered 5237.

On the other hand, it is necessary to collect and use data in order to fulfill our obligations arising from the Law on the Protection of Consumer No 6502 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts.

2) What methods does www.muzedenal.com use to collect personal data?

The data provided by our customers operating on the www.muzedenal.com web site or mobile applications are processed by www.muzedenal.com in accordance with the provisions of our customers' responsibilities and regulations.

The website www.muzedenal.com, owned by ANADOLU CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, is a site that uses cookies. Cookies; is a file consisting mostly of letters and numbers that allows the device being used to be stored on the Internet browser or hard disk to be identified.

www.muzedenal.com will collect, process, share with third parties and securely store your navigational information in a manner that is outside the scope and purpose set out in the Statement of Conservation of Personal Data, and in accordance with its legal obligations, in order to better serve the visitor.

www.muzedenal.com cookies; log files, empty gif files, and / or information gathered through third-party resources to create a summary of your preferences. www.muzedenal.com offers you special promotions, promotions and marketing offers, to improve the content of the website or mobile application for you and / or to determine your preferences; track your browsing information on the site and / or track your usage history on the site.

www.muzedenal.com may map information collected from you on the site in different ways, such as information gathered online and offline, and may use this information in conjunction with information from other sources, such as third parties.

www.muzedenal.com uses session cookies and persistent cookies in its mobile app. The session ID cookie is terminated when you close your browser. A persistent cookie lasts a long time on your hard disk. You can remove persistent cookies and reject both session cookies and persistent cookies by following the instructions in your web browser's "help" file. If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you may still be able to use the website as a mobile application, but you may not have access to the full functionality of the website, the mobile app, or your access may be limited.


3) How are Internet Cookies Used?

www.muzedenal.com cookies; to remember your preferences and personalize your website / mobile app usage. This includes cookies that save your password and save you from having to enter your password more than once on each visit, which keeps your website / mobile app session open all the time, and cookies that remember and recognize you on your next visit to the website / mobile app.

including where you are linking to the www.muzedenal.com website, what content you view on the website / mobile application, and how you use the website / mobile application, such as the duration of your visit; to determine how you use your website / mobile app.

The cookies on the website www.muzedenal.com are used for advertising / promotional purposes to provide you with relevant content and advertisements. That way, you'll be able to offer more relevant content, personalized campaigns, and products when you use your website, mobile app.

4) How does the Internet Site use third-party cookies for advertising and retargeting?

www.muzedenal.com website cookies also; may use "advertising technology" to enable you to offer ads that you may be interested in when you visit search engines, websites, mobile apps, and / or websites where the website advertises. Advertising technology uses information about your previous visits to the website / mobile app and the websites / mobile apps that the website advertises to offer you customized ads. When presenting these ads, your browser may have a unique third-party cookie so that the website can recognize you. You can remove persistent cookies and reject both session cookies and persistent cookies by following the instructions in your web browser's "help" file.

5) What purpose does www.muzedenal.com use personal data?

www.muzedenal.com will be able to record, store, update and update your personal information in the circumstances permitted by law.

Your personal data is used for the following purposes:

To verify the identity of shopper / shopper via website / mobile applications,
To record the address and other necessary information for communication,
To communicate with our customers regarding the conditions, current status and updates of contracts we conclude under the related clauses of the Law on the Sale of Distance and Consumer Protection, to make necessary informants,
To organize all the records and documents that will be based on electronic (internet / mobile etc.) or paper processing,
To carry out the obligations undertaken in accordance with the contracts we conclude under the related clause of the Distance Sales Contract and Consumer Protection Act,
To be able to inform the public officials in accordance with the legislation in case of requests related to public security,
To provide our customers with a better shopping experience, to be able to inform our customers about our products that our customers may be interested in, taking into account the interests of our customers,
To increase customer satisfaction, to be able to know our customers who are shopping on web sites and / or mobile applications and to use them in customer environment analysis, to use them in various marketing and advertising activities and to conduct surveys in electronic and / or physical environment through contracted organizations,
To be able to evaluate customer complaints and suggestions related to our services,
To be able to fulfill our legal obligations and to use our rights arising from the current legislation,

6) How does www.muzedenal.com protect your personal data?

Personal data shared with www.muzedenal.com is under the supervision and control of www.muzedenal.com. www.muzedenal.com has undertaken responsibility as a data officer in establishing the necessary organization and taking and implementing technical measures for the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of information in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation in force. We are aware of our obligation to do this at periodic intervals, in accordance with international and national technical standards covering data confidentiality, and we hereby inform you that we are always updating our data processing policies.

7) Does www.muzedenal.com share your personal data?

The sharing of personal data of our customers with third parties takes place within the framework of the consent of the customers and as a rule personal data is not transferred to third persons without the consent of our customers.

However, personal data are shared with courts and other public institutions due to and for our legal obligations.

Your personal data You agree to send commercial electronic communications to our customers with domestic / foreign persons and institutions that we serve with the shareholders of www.Mededenal.com, our direct / indirect domestic / foreign affiliates, our partner institutions, organizations and data warehouses where we cooperate to carry out our activities. we are working with various domestic and international agencies, advertising companies and survey companies and third country / international third parties and related business partners in order to provide better service and customer satisfaction with the banks we deal with with Interbank Card Center, with domestic / It may be shared.

8) What are your rights under the Protection of Personal Data Act?

Your personal data in accordance with KVKK;

a) learning whether it is processed,
b) requesting information if processed,
c) learning the purpose of the treatment and whether it is used appropriately for its purpose,
d) knowing the 3rd persons transferred abroad / abroad,
e) requesting correction if incomplete / incorrectly processed,
f) requesting that they be deleted / destroyed in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 7 of the CCCK,
g) requesting that the third parties to whom the transfer is made notified of the transactions made in accordance with subparagraphs (d) and (e)
h) objection to the appearance of a result to the detriment of being analyzed by the automatic systems exclusively,
i) We would like to remind you that you have the right to claim damages in case you are wounded due to the violation of KVKK.

9) How can I be informed about changes in legislation related to personal benefits?

The rights you have under KVKK are the obligations of www.muzedenal.com. We would like to inform you that we will update your personal data with this consciousness and in accordance with the legislation, in case of legal changes, we will update this information in accordance with the new legislation on our page,

10) How can I be sure that the donation is up to date and accurate?

In accordance with Article 4 of the CCCK, www.muzedenal.com has an obligation to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date. In this context, it is necessary for our customers to share correct and up-to-date data with www.muzedenal.com so that www.muzedenal.com can fulfill the obligations of the current legislation. In the event that your data changes in any way, we ask that you update your data by communicating with us through the communication channels mentioned below.

11) Would you like to ask www.muzedenal.com about your personal data?

You can contact us at any time via email at [email protected] for any questions or comments you may have about your personal data.