Return Contract

If the shopping has been made by credit card and installments, the credit card return procedure will be applied as follows: If the buyer product has transmitted the purchase request with the installment, the bank installs the refund to the buyer in installments. After the seller pays the entire amount of the product to the bank at one time, the repayment amount requested by the participating parties for the disadvantage of the disputing parties to be transferred to the bearer account is transferred by the Bank to the bearer party accounts in installments in installments made from Bank POs. The installment amounts paid by the buyer until the sale is canceled shall be refunded to the card every month if the return date does not coincide with the account cutoff dates of the card and the installments that the buyer has paid before the return is due for the installment of the installment, will have fallen from their current debts.

In the case of goods and services purchased by card, the seller can not pay cash to the buyer in accordance with the contract he has made with the Bank. In case of a refund transaction, the merchant, ie the merchant, will make an invoice via the related software and the merchant, ie the seller, is obliged to pay the bank in cash or in cash. Credit card refunds will be made by the Bank in accordance with the above procedure after the buyer has paid the bank's one-time payment.

The rights and responsibilities defined by the Law on the Protection of Consumer No 6502 are fulfilled by the seller and the buyer in the processes related to product returns.

Delivery and Returns Conditions


The goods / products will be delivered to the address of the buyer by cargo which the seller has agreed upon. The delivery time is 7 days from the time the order confirmation mail is sent and the contract is set up. This period may be extended for a maximum of ten days, provided that the buyer is notified in writing or with a permanent data carrier.

The products are sent to the areas where the cargo companies do not deliver the address by telephone notice.

In areas where the Cargo Company delivers one day a week, if there is a mistake and lack of shipping information, there may be some societal and natural disasters during the day indicated. The buyer can not take any responsibility because of these sags. If the product will be delivered to another person / organization from the Buyer, the seller is not responsible for the delivery of the person / entity to be delivered, the mistake in the shipment information and / or extra shipping charges that may arise due to the receiver not being in place. If the products / products are not reachable within the specified days, delivery problems should be reported immediately to the customer service using [email protected] e-mail address.

In the case of a damaged package; Damaged packages should not be taken out and records should be kept to the Cargo Company's authority. If the Cargo Company official considers that the package is not damaged, the buyer has the right to check that the package has been opened there and that the goods have been delivered undamaged and that the situation should be confirmed with a record. Once the package is received by the Buyer, it is assumed that the Cargo Company has performed its full duty. If the package is not accepted and the minutes are kept, the situation must be reported to the reseller Customer Service as soon as possible with the remaining copy of the minutes on the Buyer.

Procedure for Product Loan and Withdrawal

Product Iadies:

Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within seven days after receipt of the goods without any justification and without penal terms. In order to be able to process the returns in accordance with the general tax evasion law numbered 385, the buyer must send the invoice of the seller delivered with the goods to the seller together with the product. The right to withdraw starts from the day the goods are delivered to the buyer. Returned products or products must be returned by the buyer.

There is no right to withdraw for the goods which are prepared by the buyer's willingness and / or clearly for his personal needs.

In case the buyer uses the right of withdrawal, the seller shall refund the total price which he has received within ten days at the latest from receipt of the declaration including the notification of withdrawal with the product, and any document which puts the consumer into debt, without any cost to the consumer.

Decreasing the value of the delivered goods or preventing the use of the right to withdraw the existence of an impossible cause is not a hindrance. However, the owner reserves the right to refund the merchandise if it is caused by a defect of the consumer or due to the inability of the consumer.

The general return time for each product taken from the sehven is 7 days. During this period, the products which are opened, used, destroyed and are not packed shall not be accepted. Return must be made in original packaging.

In case that any opening, breakage, breakage, destruction, tearing, use and other conditions are detected in the product and its package and the product is delivered to the buyer, the product will not be returned and the price will not be refunded.

For product information, the status should be forwarded to [email protected] mail first. The product is sent to the customer by the seller. After this consultation, the invoice containing the information about the return of the product should be delivered to the seller via the Kargo company which delivers to the addressee of the addressee. Returned goods delivered to the seller shall be deemed to be refundable if the business satisfies the conditions specified in this contract, and refund will be made to the buyer credit card / account. The product is not made at the expense without being returned. It is the responsibility of the relevant bank to ensure that the refunds made to the credit card are reflected on the credit card accounts.