Statue Aphrodisias Tetrapylon 9 Cm

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    This monumental gate, which is located on the eastern side of temple and on the north-south street, dates back to the 2nd century BC. It was built in Corinthian order; and it means four(tetra) doors (pylon) in ancient Greek. This name is given due to four columns existent on the four sides. No evidence is found regarding its functionality. The main entrance of the temple is not located on the same axis with the structure. In general terms, this structure is conceived as a monument which was built by architects and sculptors from Afrodisias as a symbol of glamour. Various architectural styles were employed in the construction of this monument; as in double usage of plain, ribbed, spiral ribbed columns and some columns are made of blue marbles. On the western part, hunting scenes of Eros, Nike and horses were depicted; whereas, there is a semicircular arch on the eastern part. Aimed at being loyal to its original condition, 16 pillars were re-erected during the restoration works carried out.