Privacy Policy

The policy of over the use of the collected information from the registered Members and the rights of the Members are as follows:

1. Your e-mail address will not be used for purposes other than advertisement, promotion, introduction by disclosing to other institutions than and affiliates for any reason. 

2. The membership and personal information that you provide will not be disclosed to other members outside your approval. However these information are used to determine customer profile within the entity of our firm. 

3. Only you may reach and change the information that you enter into the system. Access to information concerning you and replace them by another customer is impossible. 

4. You may, in your sole discretion, notify us about the personal information required during registration outside the mandatory ones. If you have information you choose to provide us, or you do not have to fill in these fields to mark. 

5. The credit card information you provide during shopping over our website are not stored by us.

Your personal rights are guaranteed by us under these principles.

As per the Security Policy of our Company;
The most advance security systems are used to enable our customers to shop securely and freely.

Your credit card information are protected from the view and intervention of third persons with the help of 128 bit SSL in our system. All information exchange during all phases of order process are under the guarantee of SSL and all data flow is encrypted. This is an encryption that is practically impossible to be cracked. With the help of SSL security protocol, the credit card information that you provide to our website are sent to the bank in encryption and it is impossible for even us to reach these information during this process. does not store any of it's customers credit card information in its system. For this reason, you are required to input your credit card information while creating orders for the safety of your credit card.