Replica Of Hatay Museum Suppiluliuma

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21X12 CM

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    The original sculpture unearthed during the excavations in Tayinat Hoyuk located, in Hatay is 1.5 metres in height and approximately weights 1.5 tonnes. The Suppiluliuma sculpture, portraying a man with a beard, curly hair and wristlets on his arms, and holds a spear with one hand an ear of grain in the other. The sculpture made of basalt has eyes made eyes made of lime stone and steatite. The sculpture of Suppiluliuma was unearthed during the excavations conducted in Kunulua (Tayinat Hoyuk), the capital of the Kingdom of Patina in late Hittite era. The fact that the sculpture is known to belong to a king who reigned during the 9th century BC was discovered through the inscription in Luvian located at the back of the sculpture. In the inscription which is thought to provide autobiographical information Suppiluliuma mentions how he widened the borders of his reign.